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I’m focused man! That’s right, Mya and Jay-Z’s Best of Me intro is the inspiration soundtrack for this post.

Recently I reviewed a list of professional and personal goals I wrote with my friends last year. This brilliant idea came about from a girl’s night conversation about our future plans.  My girl T. James asked us to write a list of personal and professional goals for the year. Each list was then placed in separate sealed envelopes which would only be re-opened one year from the date they were written.

Truth moment: The lists were sealed on May 2015, and reopened on January 2016. While we didn’t exactly make the year, reviewing our goals in January definitely gave us a much needed boost.  Since then I forgot about the list, until a reminder on my phone announced it was time to break it out again.

I have to say; I’m pretty impressed with my professional accomplishments. Especially considering they were not goals I reviewed regularly. Below are a few of the items I was able to accomplish within one year.

  1. Find a job related to my degree.
  2. Improve my corporate communication writing.
  3. Continue studying my second language and maintain an intermediate level.

On paper they seemed easy enough. The actual execution meant moments of anxiety, hussle, and the inevitable days of doubt when I thought it was better to stay stagnant and unhappy-but safe.

Achieving goal number one and two saw me leave a permanent position with benefits to work in my academic field at an entry level contract job-no benefits. I volunteered to write as many communication pieces as I could and the writing guide Spunk and Bite became my work bible.

To achieve goal number three, I took French courses at nights with a private association; Alliance Française. I also attended social events, church and concerts-all in French.

While accomplishing these goals may not have been as easy as I had imagined; the challenges along the way have definitely contributed to my maturity as an individual. Below is a snippet of my 2016-2017 professional goals list-no pressure to myself.

  1. Become a successful full time writer in 2017.
  2. Publish my first novel.

Will it pan out this way? I hope! After all the Yiddish proverb says; “Man plans and God laughs.” Regardless, my list was made with the expectation the proverb would be changed to “Man plans and God listens.”

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    1. French because when I migrated to Canada in elementary school it was mandatory. Eventually I fell in love with the language and have had a love-hate relationship with it ever since.

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