#The Hustle

It’s time to take a tip from Ace Hood and Hustle Hard.

Flashback to those university days of ridiculous course schedules, intense study sessions 2-3 part time jobs,  and even finding the time to date. I feel myself thinking fondly of the “good ole days.”

This is pretty hilarious, considering while at university all I wanted to do was finish my degree, graduate and get my dream job immediately after. Past posts have already confirmed things didn’t quite work out this way for me. Irrespective of this, I continue to grind  but I’ve noticed that my hustle isn’t on the same intensity level as my university days.

Back then having at least two part time jobs was the norm. During university I maintained part time jobs as a retail associate,visual merchandiser,  call centre agent, restaurant hostess, server, barrister,  and hairdresser all while holding down paid internships within my field. In all of this, I always maintained a full course load and completed my thesis in my last year. I had less in terms of “things.” However, I was working towards my graduation goal and that hustle saw me through.

Yet my transition from the academic to professional world made me a bit complacent. Yeah I said it. I became complacent. I graduated and started paying down my student loans. My wardrobe changed from  sweat pants,  slogan t-shirts, and *chucks to tailored pants and blouses with modest wedges. Actually I’ve kept the chucks, they’re a key accessory in my wardrobe.

I was adulting-and loving it! I could actually go to dinner or a movie without having to check my bank account to make sure I had enough funds. I had arrived…or so I thought.

What I hadn’t realized was that the hustle wasn’t over; not by a long shot. Now that my focus is directed towards my passion of writing, I have to find a way to maintain my fulltime job while pursuing my passion. The hustle has been reignited. This means less days on the patio with my main man dem, and increased hours devoted to writing and turning my passion into a bombastic source of income. The public library has literally become my second home. I would be floundering without it in terms of resources and workshops.  Even, sleep has sometimes been replaced with nights brainstorming and typing away in the hopes of achieving my 2017 goals. #Goals List.

I thought this focus might turn me into a grouch or a recluse, but the excitement I feel when writing could never be replaced.

The hustle did not end  after graduation, and it may continue for a long time. In that case, I am determined to have as much fun as I can along the way and remember the quote; “Things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”


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  1. This blog is so re-late-able!! Cheers to everyone trying to make their day dream happen! Don’t stop git it git 😉

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