To date or not to date?

With all the hustling, and pursuing my passion and what not, I haven’t had much of a dating life. Wait!  Let’s be real.  Even before I made the decision to write publicly, my dating life was non-existent.

The more time I put into my fulltime job and writing, is the less time I have for socializing. This often means meeting someone organically is slim to none. There’s  also the fact that my dating history has been comical to the say the least. So I’m very hesitant to venture into the dating scene.

If you think I’m being overly trepidatious  about this subject, I’ll  share with you my funniest dating experience yet. 


Cast: T Que, Momma Dukes, Co-worker and Co-worker’s cousin.

Act 1 Scene 1:

A past  co-worker of mine recommended that her cousin and I go on a blind date. According to her he was a great guy looking for the right gal to be in a relationship with and she thought we would be a good match.. “Ok” I said.

My Friday night at the time would have been pizza in my pyjamas watching Armageddon for the umpteenth time with my Momma Dukes and yes, I was a millennial still living with my parents and proud of it…I digress dear readers.

Act 1 Scene 2:

The day arrived, and Co-worker’s Cousin came to pick me up at work, having decided our destination would be a gas station coffee shop. When it came time to place our order, co-worker’s cousin began to frisk himself maniacally as if he worked for the airport authority screening division.

He looked at me apologetically and said, “I think I left my wallet at home.” “You mind spoting me?”

I did not mind at all dear readers. It was 20-whatever  at the time and I had every intention of paying half the bill as I always do on a first date.

“No problem, I got you.” I said.

While we continued to chat, Co-worker’s Cousin  then asked if I wouldn’t mind spotting him a second time. He was pretty hungry and a coffee shop meal barely did anything for him.

“I got you.” I said. Who was I to get in the way of him satisfying his stomach?

Act 2 Scene 1:

In getting to know each other, I realized he wasn’t my cup of coffee, but he was still a pretty chill guy so maybe there could be a friendship at the very least. I decided to call it a night and we headed out. On our way to his car, he suddenly stopped in the middle of the  parking lot-frozen.

“Is everything ok?” I asked, while scanning the area for possible threats i.e. skunks, racoons etc.

He turned to me with a sheepish grin “I really need to top up on gas. You mind spotting me some more money?”

I gave him the best “Are you for real?” look I could muster as it dawned on me the location of our date may have been deliberate. I mean, we were a stone’s throw away from the gas station!

“No I can’t.” I said, and started to march away. I had done one too many “spots” on this date and my middle name most definitely  was not Spotify.

As he hurriedly tried to catch up to me I started to pull out my phone to call a cab.

“Hey T!” “My bad. I really forgot my wallet at home. Let me at least drop you home.” he said.

I stopped my militant strides and expressed my terms to him.  “You can take me home, but I won’t be giving you any money.”

“Agreed…My apologies if I overstepped.”

“No worries.” I said

I gave him an address semi-close to my house, which we drove to in silence. I got out the car said good night, and waited for him to pull out of the driveway then started walking home. As I replayed what just happened in my mind, I started to giggle and thought about the fact that I had interrupted movie night for yet another comical date night. Oh well!

Final Act:

When I got in Momma Dukes was up watching another one of our favorite movies.

“How was the date?” she asked.

After I told her, and she got over her incredulity of the situation, we both started to laugh hysterically. “ Want me to rewind the movie to the beginning?” she asked.

“Hold on! Let me change into my pyjamas.”


So there you have it dear readers. It still turned out to be a good night because I got to watch one of my favourite movies of all time with my one and only Momma Dukes like old times.

Whatever anyone may say about dating, I know for myself “dating ain’t easy.”I will remain open to finding Mr. Right however my main focus at the moment is to find Mr. Dream Job.

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