How I lost 5 lbs fast by cutting down on wine

I wish this could be an ad for wine because I love wine. But it’s not. Sad news is that wine made me gain 10 pounds over one year. I was one of those women that would get home from a long day of work and have a couple glasses of wine. Everyday. Then there was the wine consumption on the weekends and special occasions. Let’s just say that I knocked the recommended daily amount way out of the park, like past the parking lot.

So when I finally realized that the extra 10 pounds wasn’t just a blip on the scale, I decided to take action. The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse? Tried it. 7-Day Pescetarian diet? Tried that too. And when I failed to see results after the allotted 7-days, I tried it for a little longer. The scale still wouldn’t budge. (SIDENOTE: Even though I didn’t see results (will get to why later), I still recommend trying these two diets. I developed some really good habits because of it. And to this day, I have happily worked tea and pescetarianism into my life. Try it!)

As a last resort, I tried calorie counting and virtually starved myself. I ate like a bird for a few days keeping under 1,300 calories. Knowing my body, this had to have worked. But it didn’t. What the hell? After analyzing the history on my Lose it! app, I noticed that my wine consumption never changed despite cutting down on food. In hindsight, that was a little f#$&ed up.

Then I did something that I never thought I would do – I completely cut out my “workday wine” (aka drinking on weekdays). Lo and behold, it worked! And fast! Five pounds in 2.5 weeks. And I didn’t even have to eliminate my weekend or special occasion wine.

To most of you, this is common sense. To me, this was an epiphany. Not until I hit my late twenties did I start caring about my health. And it’s probably because my metabolism prior to that was the highly misleading “early 20s” metabolism. They say your body changes every seven years… Well, isn’t that the darn truth!

And for you fact lovers out there – I will leave you with this cool infographic, posted by personal trainer Lucas James, that shows how alcohol contributes to weight gain. I could have used this a year ago…





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  1. Thank you!! I have gained 5 lbs too snd it us very unusual for me. I have, in the past 6 months, been drinking more beer ( loving craft beer) & am frustrated with weight gain. I am small and very active, so 5 lbs makes a difference. I am going to cut out my wed wine night and see if this makes the difference! ?

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