Cost of Surviving

Ok.  I know I started off the year on a positive ‘I can do everything’ note, only to be humbled by the car accident that followed a few days after my post. My current status since the accident and getting back to work has been actively seeking an apartment somewhere affordable in the city of Toronto.

What’s that? There is no such thing as affordable rent in Toronto you say. Well, this little lady was not aware how hard it would be to secure a decent sized bachelor/jr. one bedroom apartment, in a safe neighborhood without having to sell one of my kidneys on the black market. Of course you know I gotta tell you all about it.

My initial budget started at $1150-$1200. I thought within this range I’d be able to afford at least a bachelor north of the city or somewhere in the west end.  As all of you may know-which I it took me a painful two weeks to find out-finding an above ground apartment for that price anywhere close to the city is humanly impossible these days.

I have literally visited apartments that were no more than 400 sq ft. that were quoted to me as $1400 or $1450…plus hydro of course. There was one unit that I saw in the prestigious Summerhill area that was $1450-utilities included- and 7250 sq ft! Even though the area was nowhere on my list of places to target for an apartment, the space seemed too good to pass up at that price.

I of course went to the viewing and was impressed. It was everything that they said it would be and more. One bedroom, plus den in a low rise unit, with all of the utilities included and a bus stop a short walk away.

The catch to all this? The private owners of the building had been accepting applications since December 2017! Essentially they were in no rush to find a new tenant. The owners would determine which applicant was the ‘right fit.’ Normally I wouldn’t mind…if I didn’t have a moving deadline of February 1st….and I saw the unit January 26th!

Needless to say, apartment hunting the last few days of January served me a healthy dose of humble pie.  Here I was, with a good job, decent income, good credit and to afford a one bedroom apartment I would have to fork over at least $1500-$1800 a month plus hydro if I wanted to live in the city.

At the rate the rental/housing market keeps increasing in T.O. it seems like I’ll be living at home till Foreverary.

Hats off to all the millennials out here working, living on your own just killing it. You guys are slaying!

As for me and my quest to find an apartment I’ll keep looking and hope to find a unicorn.

À  plus tard mes amies!

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