Where the heck have I been?

Last time I was here, I was talking about trying to lose 5 lbs. Fast forward to today, and I’m still trying to lose weight – my last 10 lbs of baby weight! What I would give to get my pre-pregnancy body back. If only I could tell 2016 Elaine to just be happy with that “extra” 5 lbs…

Yes, I had a baby since I was last here. (A healthy daughter who keeps growing too fast!) I also got that promotion I kept whining about. Fortunately that happened before I left for maternity leave. I also moved an hour away from the city to a suburb west of Toronto. #burblife is now part of my identity. And we can talk about that another time!

So yes, a lot has changed. The last two years have been a whirlwind of anxiety, relief, anticipation, followed by many mom-highs and mom-lows. And now that I have settled into somewhat of a “routine”, I can finally get back to one of the things I love most – filling your inbox with expendable stories!

What’s in store for this year?

If you recall, my first post ever was about my journey to being a better businesswoman, which pretty much entailed me trying to get a promotion. Well that promotion came! I wish I had talked about it more than (boring) topics like my marriage and weight loss. But I learned my lesson. More work less play!

Well this time around, I’m not trying to get a promotion. (That’s been done. Muahaha.)

This time I’m trying to quit my job on Bay Street, and go full-time with my husband’s business. Goodbye corporate financial sector; and hello to scary entrepreneurial life. The goal is to run out the rest of my maternity leave, and go full-time with my husband in July, instead of returning to my old job.

Since I’ve been on mat leave, we’ve managed to double the business together in its second year. This is its third year in operation, and we’re on track to triple the business (since inception). Crazy, huh? We’re super blessed, and hopefully the blessings will continue!

Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go. So much to accomplish in the next four months… hopefully it will be good news at the end of it all.




Elaine is your quintessential Entrepreneur-with-a-day-job. After getting her BA in French Literature, Elaine found herself working at various major corporations on Bay Street. In the meantime, she worked on getting some projects off the ground, like starting an event planning company, circle scarf business, and launching a review-based website. None of which quite made it off the ground, but the experience and adventure of it all was worth every second. Although you’ll still find Elaine on Bay Street by day, she’s still spending her lunch hours and evenings trying to make her dreams come true.

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