Our Time Will Come

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about hustling towards my ultimate profession, aka becoming the next great bombastic writer. I was sure all I had to do was hustle hard and my goals would start materializing. Achieving my goals would be the validation I needed to know that yes indeed the universe acknowledged and […]

To date or not to date?

With all the hustling, and pursuing my passion and what not, I haven’t had much of a dating life. Wait!  Let’s be real.  Even before I made the decision to write publicly, my dating life was non-existent. The more time I put into my fulltime job and writing, is the less time I have for […]

#The Hustle

It’s time to take a tip from Ace Hood and Hustle Hard. Flashback to those university days of ridiculous course schedules, intense study sessions 2-3 part time jobs,  and even finding the time to date. I feel myself thinking fondly of the “good ole days.” This is pretty hilarious, considering while at university all I […]

#Goals List

I’m focused man! That’s right, Mya and Jay-Z’s Best of Me intro is the inspiration soundtrack for this post. Recently I reviewed a list of professional and personal goals I wrote with my friends last year. This brilliant idea came about from a girl’s night conversation about our future plans.  My girl T. James asked […]

#Me My Thoughts and I

Last week I had a 13 hr bus ride to NYC which gave me some much needed time for some self reflection. My initial plan was to meditate for an hour and emerge with a forehead glistening with sweat. I would have arrived at the answer to my soul search for Mr. Dream Job finally […]


So a few things have happened since my last post. My contract ended for my current position and I had  to reapply and re-interview for it! This is not altogether strange for the company I work for, in fact it’s the norm. Interviewing for my  job the second time around was more nerve wracking than […]

#Next Step

Here I am, a few weeks shy from my 29th birthday and I still have my resume at the ready. I have been a professional job hopper all my life. Since I started working at the age of 13 on a newspaper route in my neighbourhood, I have been gainfully employed. I love working! Exactly […]