Cost of Surviving

Ok.  I know I started off the year on a positive ‘I can do everything’ note, only to be humbled by the car accident that followed a few days after my post. My current status since the accident and getting back to work has been actively seeking an apartment somewhere affordable in the city of […]

We Only Live Once – WOLO!

My first blog post of the year included a brief recap of 2017’s achievements and a short list of my personal goals for 2018.  Well dear readers, my 2018 started out somewhat scary, yet filled with gratitude and appreciation for the fragile yet amazing gift called life. Story Time! On my way home after my […]

Our Time Will Come

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about hustling towards my ultimate profession, aka becoming the next great bombastic writer. I was sure all I had to do was hustle hard and my goals would start materializing. Achieving my goals would be the validation I needed to know that yes indeed the universe acknowledged and […]

To date or not to date?

With all the hustling, and pursuing my passion and what not, I haven’t had much of a dating life. Wait!  Let’s be real.  Even before I made the decision to write publicly, my dating life was non-existent. The more time I put into my fulltime job and writing, is the less time I have for […]

#The Hustle

It’s time to take a tip from Ace Hood and Hustle Hard. Flashback to those university days of ridiculous course schedules, intense study sessions 2-3 part time jobs,  and even finding the time to date. I feel myself thinking fondly of the “good ole days.” This is pretty hilarious, considering while at university all I […]

#Goals List

I’m focused man! That’s right, Mya and Jay-Z’s Best of Me intro is the inspiration soundtrack for this post. Recently I reviewed a list of professional and personal goals I wrote with my friends last year. This brilliant idea came about from a girl’s night conversation about our future plans.  My girl T. James asked […]

#Me My Thoughts and I

Last week I had a 13 hr bus ride to NYC which gave me some much needed time for some self reflection. My initial plan was to meditate for an hour and emerge with a forehead glistening with sweat. I would have arrived at the answer to my soul search for Mr. Dream Job finally […]


So a few things have happened since my last post. My contract ended for my current position and I had  to reapply and re-interview for it! This is not altogether strange for the company I work for, in fact it’s the norm. Interviewing for my  job the second time around was more nerve wracking than […]

#Next Step

Here I am, a few weeks shy from my 29th birthday and I still have my resume at the ready. I have been a professional job hopper all my life. Since I started working at the age of 13 on a newspaper route in my neighbourhood, I have been gainfully employed. I love working! Exactly […]